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Resources & Job aids

The following are resources and job aids created by Premier Nurse Delegation. These are available to all AFH Providers and Caregivers who work with Premier Nurse Delegation.


Visit our Shop page for more resources available. PDFs and Editable forms are available upon request. Email all requests to

At Premier, we strive to provide value and additional resources for the AFH Provider and caregivers to enhance their learning experience.


What is Nurse Delegation? Part 1 of 2.

What is nurse delegation, medications assistance vs. administration and who can be delegated.


What is Nurse Delegation? Part 2 of 2.

What CAN and CANNOT be delegated and when delegation may not be needed.

4. VITAL SIGNS LOG (Updated JAN 2020).jpg

Vital Signs Log

Caregivers can document daily vital signs on this easy to follow log. Ask me for a customizable form.

6. Skin Assessment Form (A Better Care Inc) Updated 9.25.18.jpg

Skin Assessment

Comprehensive skin assessment form - Can be used for admissions/readmissions and to notify PCP of a new skin issue.


Blood Sugar Level Log

Use this log to document blood sugar levels.


Blood Sugar Monitoring 

Blood sugar monitoring cheat sheet is a quick reminder of what that caregiver should do when BS is too low or too high. (This is general instructions. Always follow the client's specific orders first.)

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